Hi! I'm Ashley !!.

I go by she/her pronouns, and I love computers, architecture/design, gaming, and music!

I like a ton of games and could maybe play with you, check my stuff below!

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and plan to go to San Antonio, Texas for University

I use KDE Fedora and am a certified Catppuccin Lover

My Discord Status


My Discord Server

୨ ☕ Blåhaj Café 🥞୧ is my community server that I own, primarily for queer people, neurodivergents, and furries


My Favorite Things


My Flags

Each flag is clickable to see what it is!~


My Time/Time Zone

cst map

My map for mapping!

Click the button below to open larger!~


Map includes all countries as well as subdivisions for many large countries!


Tone tags

Eductional: Here's a list of some tone tags to use:

/j = joking

/s = sarcasm

/hj = half joking

/srs = serious

/lh = light hearted

/gen = genuine

/pos = positive

/neg = negative

/neu = neutral

/gen = genuine

/genq = genuine question

websites of epic peeps <3

paxi! me! alyxia! bnuy! paxi!

dm me to add ur button